The Race to Equality (R2E) Project was established in light of the shows of social injustice that people of colour have experienced all around the world. We aim to provide a collective platform to spotlight pertinent, race-related topics such as Racial Discrimination, Police Brutality, Colorism, and other related matters. We invite students, academics, law-makers, stakeholders, activists and other interested parties of all ethnic backgrounds to contribute their work (whether poetry, artwork, media content, or written pieces) to our virtual anthology project. We encourage people of colour to share their unique racial experiences, regardless of where they are in the world, to build an informative and inclusive forum that is easily accessible and able to stand the test of time. No experience or contribution is insignificant, as we know that racial prejudice and colourism is not limited to violent actions but includes microaggressions inter alia.

The Founding Committee:

Andrew Clarke (top left) LL.M in Intellectual Property & International Commercial Law, University of Kent. Intern, Sagicor Financial Corporation.

Jasmyn Sargeant (bottom right) LEC Candidate, Hugh Wooding Law School.

Marilyn Onukwugha (bottom left) LL.M Candidate, Columbia University. Technical Assistant, Accelerating Nutrition Results in Nigeria Project.

Nilaza Adhikari (top right) LL.M Candidate and Researcher, King’s College London. Intern, Latham & Watkins LLP.