* B . L . M *

By Faith Ikpeama

It’s like we are living in a house split into floors 

Maybe we’d be good if we accept all our flaws

But I don’t see a reason for you to hate me because of my color 

It’s not a weapon or my fault, it’s just by nature 

You want to copy our style and everything that we own 

Try to take our culture and make it your own 

A black man can’t drive without the cops trying to start up a fight 

And his son watch his dad on the ground struggling with all his might 

I hope tears dry up of the people crying 

But it won’t bring back the black souls of the people dying 

Cut us all up and red is the single color we all bleed 

Equality is the quality we need on earth 

Give and receive its karma that you will 


I know personally I’m not racist 

I can’t see a white man in need and turn east 

So why see a black man and turn to a beast 

But to your own race u become a priest 

Meanwhile u just took a black soul who’s last words were “ I can’t breathe ”

There’s a disconnect between your culture and mine 

And I hope that we find the cord so we all can be fine 

The time is always right to do what is right 

I’d love to speak up now than watch a black man killed 

“To ignore evil is to be accomplice to it”

Martin Luther king Jnr 

I hope it all ends soon like it would for a tenure

About the poet

My name is Faith Ikpeama, I’m 16 years old and  a proud student of Pearlville school. I strongly  believe speaking up and doing what our forefathers didn’t get the opportunity to do is the best way to end this inequality for good.