Project Objectives

• To educate and inform persons about race-related issues and social justice movements across the globe.

• To provide an invaluable anthology project that invites meaningful discussions and actions amongst the general public, law-makers, stakeholders, activists and academic research in social justice.

• To create a collective platform giving voice to artists/creatives, authors, academics or anyone who has valuable contribution to topics we aim to spotlight.

Project Structure

We accept submissions related to the following topics of interest under the umbrella of Racism/Racial Discrimination:


The information provided by The Race to Equality Project, also operating as R2E Project, or persons otherwise affiliated with the aforementioned (“we,” “us” or “our”) on (the “Site”) is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information or content on the Site. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHALL WE HAVE ANY LIABILITY TO YOU FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND INCURRED AS A RESULT OF THE USE OF THE SITE OR RELIANCE ON ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THE SITE. YOUR USE OF THE SITE AND YOUR RELIANCE ON ANY INFORMATION ON THE SITE IS SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. We will remove any content that might constitute a legal violation, including infringements of intellectual property rights, if notified and upon examining whether the notification was made in good faith. As such, you guarantee that you are the original copyright holder of the work you submit for publication on this Website and/or our E-Journal.

Types of Contributions

We accept the following types of contributions:
• Poems
• Artwork (made digitally available)
• Articles
• Book Reviews
• Essays/Short stories
• Short Biographies
• Opinion Editorials
• Videos (Short video submissions of POC giving their personal accounts of racism, colourism or any other relevant topic of interest are greatly encouraged.)
• Songs (No copyright issues – ***It is pertinent that any musical submissions be wholly original or compliant with legal permissive requirements and attribution notices pertaining to the original author.)
• Expressive media content (e.g. spoken word delivered through audio or video recording, etc.)

Format for Written Contributions

Font: Times New Roman/Arial
Size: 12 (text), 10 (footnotes/endnotes)
Spacing: 1.5 (text), single (footnotes/endnotes)

Max word limit (based on type of written contribution)

– Poems – max. 200 words;

– Essays/Short Stories – max. 3500 words;

– Book Reviews – max. 2000 words;

– Short Biographies – max. 500 words;

– Op-Eds – max. 1000 words;

– Articles – 3500-8000 words;

• Articles may be posted as pdf files while the shorter pieces may be posted directly on the blog.

***NB: Submissions that are slightly above the word limits, by less than 10% the max word count, may still be considered.

Format for Artwork

• Please submit artwork saved as JPEG, PNG or PDF
• High image quality is preferable: *For reference – Images that are typically A4 in size (or less) with a 300ppi resolution may be regarded as the minimum quality suitable for scaling images to larger format size if necessary. Images that are greater than A4 in size with more than 300ppi resolution tends to ensure the highest quality in the final image. However, the chosen quality is up to the contributor, but low quality submissions may not be accepted where images are too pixelated or difficult to view on the site.

Format for Videos

• Please submit videos saved as mp4 or mov
• No longer than 15 minutes
***NB: We understand that addressing these topics are sensitive and may be frustrating, however, all submissions must comply with good academic practice and any videos or images that include indecency or profanity will be rejected.)

Please submit all works or queries to:

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