How We Answer

by Renaldo D. Weekes

Should it be – that life be dictated, opportunity restricted, based on someone’s hatred?

Should it be – that a lighter skin colour be a determining factor for me to reach higher?

Should it even be – that all some choose to see is someone they call an enemy, someone they call a “threat to me”?

Or should it be – that we shut up and sit down, allow ourselves to be bound and bury our voices in the ground?

“Yes of course!” they chant and shout, telling us our race determines our place,

“Social mobility, rates of mortality, if you’re a minority you’re under our authority”

Why must it be this way, even after all we’ve been through, even to this day, this is all they ever say,

“We make it so, and you must know, there’s a line you must toe, and an order to follow”

But no I say to discrimination and prejudice, 

And their close friends: hate, violence and injustice,

No to any action that seeks to displace,

And no to all who disrespect race,

Intolerance shall be intolerated and our fates emancipated, 

While all your hatred will certainly be abated,

And ultimately, all we want to see is equality between you and me.

About the author

Renaldo Weekes, as a young black man, is keenly interested in race relations and how the current state of these relations may be to the detriment of minorities across the world. Through his writing he hopes to shine light on atrocities hidden in the dark and sensitize persons to the plight of minorities.